Saturday, April 17, 2010


I've ever gone to bali for 3 times. The last time I came to bali,there was nothing too special.I joint a school trip in the case of "study tour". I also got something like this in my junior high school.And I think there's nothing diferent since my JHS era. We went to the same place with the same story from the local guide.Oh So BORED trip.

But luckily there was one place I never came before.That was a mangrove forest area in Taman Hutan Rakyat Ngurah Rai.Hmm, it's a large area full of mangrove trees.Mangrove trees are usefull to prevent abration of sea water.First time I came there, I thought we have to go down and raked in the dough to see the mangrove area closely.But I was wrong at all.The area is really being made for tourist.And even it got a predicat as the best mangrove forest area in Asia .It's a beautiful enough place to spend holiday.There's a wooden path street along the area,so we haven't worried to become wet.And in some area we can find a wooden tower to see mangrove area from above.Yeah it was the my favourit spot of my last trip to bali.

The wooden path

The wooden tower

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yey, my friends and I several weeks ago planed to get some vacation on somewhere.And finally we choosed a beach that hmm not too far from our town Jogjakarta.We went to Siung beach,
(i call that a virgin beach) in Gunung kidul. Woow that was such a long long trip,knowing us got there by motorcycles. It was really kill my but at all, 3 hours on the motorcycle and the route was down up down up.Phfieeww, but we didn't regret that at all.The beach OH SO BEAUTIFUL. Not a too wide white sand shore with its deep blue water and coral rock around it,and palm in the midle edge.It's perfect perfect picnic i've ever got with my highscool friends.


There we got picnic and sunbathe under the palm tree.That place was so quiet and there were no people except us.It was like a private beach,our own beach. We did swim there,sunbathe,playing the sand,eat our own foods that we bought from home, and the crazy was we went climbing the hill near there.Firstly I thought that is was an usual and not too high hill.But what?? It's a high craggy coral hill.Im not a high place phobic,but we just highschool kid and there were no expert or at least adult.My gosh!! But finally i did it. One word FANTASTIC!!
Whooow, it's more than beautiful from above. There are some big coral that make crowd and when the wind blew it was look like a litle waterfall in the sea.Yeahh we'll come there again someday !!

under the palm tree

siung from above