Thursday, January 20, 2011

50 cents for ELLE ??

There is a once in a year even that I always waiting for.That’s the biggest fair in my town called “sekaten”.This fair identic with the amusment park. But,that’s not what I like the most about sekaten.The things I always wating for is is the flea market area.Kinda heaven for me,because I call myself a secondhand stuff junkie .I found a lot of good stuff there,I even got a peach “ELLE” dress with just Rp.5000 or about 50 cents (in US dollar ).Wow.

1.peach ELLE dress from sekaten Rp.5000 or about 50 cents
black chain bag from kuncen flea market Rp.10.000 or about $1
black old heels from local store Rp.40.000 or about $4
4.white stocking I bought in Jakarta Rp20.000 or about $2
black floral hairpin DIY
fake flora by Gucci (im swear the smell is same and long lasting) Rp.30.000 or about $3