Wednesday, May 25, 2011

im dreamin of croquette cafe

I always dream of having my own café someday.And lately my sist also have the same thought as me to have our own café but with the specifict menu. She first think about making a pie café,and I think it’s a good enough idea because I often make pie and tasted not so bad. After the long term of idea collecting, then we thought that croquette would be a brilliant idea for a main menu. Then there’s no croquette café yet in my town. So we start to make some noodle croquette as the begining step. It taste almost perfect!. And we just have to think about some other beverage and maybe snack, mmm and looking for the ideal area absolutely.

I imagine that our café will be in a main hang out place in my town . A little crowded outside and our café with the umbrellas around, lil red canopy at the window, some tropical plant and flower and of course the blackboard menu, our café become the most enjoyable place to stay and take a rest for a while.The delicious menu gotta make them back again another time. Uhhh call me a dreamer. . . .Hope we can realize it soon.

this the cafe im dreamin of :D