Friday, December 31, 2010

Year End Journal

Well It’s the end of year.I don’t have any special occasion or party,just plan to watch “The Tourist” with my sist and her BF. But as usual I always make like journal about what I’ve done and what I am gratefull.This is the part I most like about year end.And this year I try to make my journal with photos. I make it like polaroid with my hand writing word under each photo.All just about happy things. HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

(btw I make this in leopard theme actually lol)

handmade polaroid in leopard bankground

fav moments

year end costume


1. Litle Black Dress from secondhand Rp.10.000 or about $1
2.Leopard vest from secondhand Rp.5.000 or about 50 cents
3.Grey hat from local store Rp.15.000 or about $1.5
4.Brown thin belt from local store Rp.10.000 or about $1
5.Brown bag from my sister brand "dresstokill" Rp.60.000 or about $6

Sunday, December 26, 2010

beachy pre christmas

Two days before Christmas,some friends and I had a trip to drini island beach.It was a revenge for there will never white Christmas in this country,so we thought that beach would be as fun. Kinda nostalgia for me,coz my father often asked me there when I was still in kindergarten or elementary.The deep emerald water back all my childhood memory.Quite fun ;)

drini beach 200m again

the deep emerald water

me,lini,and ica

(ps:sorry the camera lil bit blurry)

Monday, December 20, 2010

paper christmas

In case of next saturday will be a christmas, so i think of make some christmas stuff.Since i was a lil kid honestly i've never had like cristmas tree or red stocking to hang.Sounds poor,but that because my mom always say that it's better to give the christmas wage for orphan than just waste it to unecessary stuff like that,than in bible Jesus never ask people to buy tree or stocking.GAHH,yes yes yes mom.

But,this time i really want a christmas tree and red stocking.And i get a good idea to make one whitout waste money.Make the paper version.I really thanks to my bff Lini that help me to realize that idea.Ok and next Saturday will be my first paper Christmas.Must be nicer than the last .

paper tree i make

paper stocing,i put my 3 wishes inside
me,my sista,and my bff Lini

Thursday, December 16, 2010

happy birthday

I made this myself,and this is for someone far away there.Just litle things.

(photograph by: me)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Silly Brace

Talking about brace or usually called bahel that todays become a really trend here, my friend "mella" has a crazy idea to make the cheap version.Ya,it's because real brace kinda too expensive for some people and i think my teeth are neat enough.So i call this a good idea.She has an idea to put japanese hair rubber in the teeth and it will look like a real brace.

this is mella the crazy founder :D

japanese hair rubber