Sunday, April 3, 2011

grey picnic in Sundak beach

Yesterday me and my big family went to Sundak beach for picnic.It’s my fav beach coz the blue green water and white sand really really beautiful.And the best part there is a little fisherman house that make delicious seafood,I love their fish soup and the sweet sour baked fish.Surely it’s yummy .The fisherman is my daddy’s friend.My daddy like fishing so he has a lot of fisherman friends there.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t really good yesterday.Windy,cloudy, and rain hard. Hooohh, I lost my dream to take beautiful pictures there. But that’s ok,I still took some pictures even in a grey athmosphere.I still happy coz I can enjoy my grey picnic with my big family.

this is the fisherman house

me in sundak about 2 years ago,hmm lovely weather memory