Sunday, September 25, 2011

rollip majic lomo effect

I found a new web that can make so many choices of lomo effect just in one click. , this is MAGIC!! of chourse. . . .

picnic lady

This and next post will be about yup Lini and Lini again.idk,this blog is actually lini’s or mine hahah. Yaahh she’s so chameleon honestly. Hmmm kinda really ensoul every theme of the photo session, that’s why I really enjoy to collaborate with her. And this time the theme is picnic lady. Hahahahah, I myself actually don’t know the mean of picnic lady. I just about think of girl with the Mexican flower dress,wearing straw hat, bringin picnic basket, with the settings of dutch colonialism window and bicycle. Yahh there’s no colerationship each other, just my own imagination :P

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

forks patagonia

About two or three weeks ago me and my private photographer (lol my bf) went to pine forest in imogiri and i thought that bit like forks hahah we took some nice pict of us there, and also we went to a hills near there,hmm the scenary ahh so wow like in patagonia,ya so i entitled this entry forks patagonia.Btw my bf camera was broken so we did't take the perfect some. . .soo ya here these are. . . .