Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ok,,I really dont know what to write for this first time i do something like this.And after some minuttes off, I decide to talk about my interest.I have a lot of interests and passions.My passions are about food,fashion,film,music,painting,writing,photography yeah it's something smell entertain for me. Mostly I like FASHION and FOOD, that are the particular things of me .I think I've been interested in that things sice I was a lil kid. I remember how I alyaws played cooking cookie with my sista or how i cut my clothes my self, yes then I realize maybe that both my future big big passion .


Mmm,, talk about food I can cook since I was in a play group.My mom cook everyday,and litle me always want to know how she do it.In a weekend my sista and I allowed to use the kitchen but we had to cook with anglo,that was kind a traditional matters to cook.My first food was vegetable soup,, hhahhaha I just couldn't imagine how was the taste.Yeah but my mom always said something good about that(whooww she wasn't good liar!!). In elementary grade,I can cooked more variations like spaghetti,pasta,risotto it's all western food.I learnt it myself.I used to read my mom recipes,food magazine,and cooking show in TV,so i make food without anyone help.I call myself perfectionist and never statisfy with anyone work. In junior high school,it was day off in my cooking live.I have concern in fashion because this first time I actually know that I'm interesting in fashion.


I live in a litle town.There's no BIG passion about FASHION of people in my town.The fashion breath already blew in this 2years.First time I liked fashion when I was in grade 7 JHS.I began to read fashion magazine,watching many film,videoclip,serial, and browsing internet.When all my friend still traped in cut bray jeans I have wear grunge hotpants.And when they still follow sherina(thats popular kiddies star in my country), I have known Paris Hilton as my idol.Hhhaha paris was my shame,just forget it. And my passion in style never die till today.


Basicly I like kind simple and wearable thing but it can look like done much effort in that.Just play in how to combine anything even that's something in diferent style stuff. My favourite is always something like Auudrey Hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's.Holly Golightly really perfect icon of 1950's late.Her style such a neverdies thing till now.With her perfect couture black dress by Hubert de Givenchy, strand of pearls,big sunglasses, and up do-hairdo.That's kind a big fashion hits in that era. And the man behind this all Givenchy,he was a master that make litle black dress as a forever must have item for all woman.

This what I love about her

I also like Jackqueline Kennedy Onassis as my favourite fashion path. From classic gone messy.In the early 60's she liked to wear clean suits,sleeves A line desses, pailbox hat, or another formal wear. That was suitable enough as America president wife .But I like her style after she become a widow then she got married with Aristotele Onassis .She made her own style less formal.Hmm mediteranian style,gipsy skirts,hoop earrings,lot of jewelery and scrap back hair. and till now she still famous about the sunglasses she wore call ''Jakie O'' .I thought she was a brave wearing that all, that everybodies known she as John F Kennedy widowed 'She quite good in combine her stuff.Hmm,,that's all I think she deserve to call the real of Holly Golightly. . .

her style as Jackqueline Kennedy

Her Style as Jackie O

I cal myself as a big big fans of twiggy.I'm really obssesed with her style.Short hair,zero size,and her famous mini dress. Yes I think that's really my style. She was a trendsetter in the 60's era.She was famous as a teen model,singer, and actress.She worked to Mary Quant the famous designer in England.Their colaboration make famous "chelsea look" That was the whole look of twiggy style. Two thumbs for her !!

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