Friday, December 31, 2010

Year End Journal

Well It’s the end of year.I don’t have any special occasion or party,just plan to watch “The Tourist” with my sist and her BF. But as usual I always make like journal about what I’ve done and what I am gratefull.This is the part I most like about year end.And this year I try to make my journal with photos. I make it like polaroid with my hand writing word under each photo.All just about happy things. HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

(btw I make this in leopard theme actually lol)

handmade polaroid in leopard bankground

fav moments

year end costume


1. Litle Black Dress from secondhand Rp.10.000 or about $1
2.Leopard vest from secondhand Rp.5.000 or about 50 cents
3.Grey hat from local store Rp.15.000 or about $1.5
4.Brown thin belt from local store Rp.10.000 or about $1
5.Brown bag from my sister brand "dresstokill" Rp.60.000 or about $6

13 comments: said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! love the dress and the bag

piapia said...

wow! you bought that vest just Rp 5000??? where? love your vest and bag, dear! anyway, happy new year :)

Heart Charlie said...

Love your outfit! That coat is so amazing :)

Anonymous said...

loving this!
im such a fan of your blog, you know ill be back!
hope you had a happy new year!
come visit COSMICaroline for revamped looks and stay tuned for a new blog photographer in the works!


The Man from Amsterdam said...

love your year's end costume!

Mary Lee said...

i really like your bag! :)

hope you'll visit/follow

Fashion Nicotine said...

Nice collage!

fhen said...

really love your outfit
and those are great buys!

jess said...

love that leopard print vest and brown bag, very classy!

Z--- said...

this bag is great!!xx said...

Those polaroids are lovely! Great outfit too, the hat is adorable on you :) Would you like to follow each other?


Rosa said...

Lovely pictures. Loving the leo :p

Eve Gore said...

you are amazing!
i love your blog baby!

im following you
a lot of kisses from poland <3