Sunday, June 17, 2012


The Fool
Card 1 (The Fool) : How you feel about yourself now  »
This is your Personal Court Card ( - what's this? - )
You feel discontent or uneasy and feel a need for a change 
in your life, a new direction, perhaps even an adventure.
 You might not know where you want to go, just that you 
don't want to stay where you are. It's a time for optimism 
and major decisions - unexpected influences could have 
a powerful effect on your decision making. Ask yourself, 
is what you desire really the right thing for you?
The Moon
Card 2 (The Moon) : What you most want at this moment  »
The cards suggest that what you most want at this time is 
some clarity and less of these confused emotions that leave
 you fearful and vulnerable. You want to know the outcome, 
because you are so unsure about how you feel.Use your intuition 
to guide you away from any deception and ride this out - 
it will turn out alright in the end. The Moon is a good omen 
if you are in a clandestine affair.
The Tower
Card 3 (The Tower) : Your fears  »
You are afraid your world is falling apart, you're experiencing 
sudden changes and disruption and you don't quite know what 
to do. Perhaps subconsciously you've wanted a solution to an issue 
but didn't quite expect things to have turned out as they have. Use 
this change as an opportunity for a new beginning. If you have been 
planning to move home you will be experiencing setbacks.
Card 4 (Strength) : What is going for you  »
Brave heart! Your self-confidence and courageous spirit is unstoppable 
at the moment. Be patient and compassionate, self-disciplined and strong 
and you will reap great rewards for your courage.
The Sun
Card 5 (The Sun) : What is going against you  »
You may experience a few delays on your quest for success and 
achievement but don't worry, you'll get there in a blaze of glory.
 Success may go to your head a little so a little modesty wouldn't 
go amiss. Other than a few minor delays, look forward to a period 
of joy and happiness. If you are experiencing problems with conceiving 
a baby, The Sun often heralds good news around children and a much 
wanted pregnancy or birth of a longed-for baby.
The Emperor
Card 6 (The Emperor) : Outcome  »
Expect success and achievement of your goals, this is 
a time for fulfillment of your ambitions. If you have placed 
your trust in your father, husband/partner or a man of significance in 
your life, they will come up trumps for you. If you have been the 
victim of ill-will 
don't worry, you will win in the end.

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