Sunday, July 15, 2012

hide from the sun with

I had almost all bad experience when it comes to SUN. euuugghhhh always and always ruin my holiday!! this holiday I try to make a preventing way and im swear this work pretty good.

1. Vaseline SPF 30                                              Rp 31.000
2. Nivea sun moisturising spray                             Rp 73.000
3. natasha tirai wajah                                            Rp 75.000
4. vaseline lip therapy                                           Rp 30.000
5.oriflame red lip stain                                          Rp 24.000
6. banana boat after sun lotion                              Rp 50.000

Very very very expensive for my poor pocket, but it's worth it for my super sensitive skin. OK i have to keep my pocket tight after this expensive sun preventing  :<

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