Monday, July 5, 2010

picnic in emergency

About a week ago my bff(lini n ratronk) and i were in a really boring time when suddenly we had a good idea to make a fashion project. Then we made a "picnic in emergency" in lini's (my bff) secret garden inside her house. We just took some photos with our each own personal style.

This was my personal style.I tried to make a chuck bass look actually,but in a more wearable way.I also inspired by joachim loew look(lol) when he was in germany vs ghana match this worldcup. Ohh he's really have good fashion taste i think, I inspired a lot from his unformal look at this worldcup match.

Ohh, and this rebel girl is ratronk.She has a grunge style with touch of punk.Well suited with her rebel personality.But she also has a sweet and childish side too.So call this girl sweet grunge child (o mine) :P

it's lini, she always has a good enough enjoyable style

and this our picnic in emergency


issye margaretha kamal said...

i like your style :) so cute

YONA AJENG said...

sounds really fun there, heheh. :)