Monday, July 5, 2010

rawrrrr FEVER

Well, i know it's maybe too late to talk about leopard and all that animal print things.But i still enjoy this rawrrr fever. Just try to make a simple combination, so that leopard not seem to much to wear.And this is it. . . .

OK im gonna tell you what i was wearing: asymetricaly black outerwear from local store Rp.60.000 or about $6
2.white sleeve tank top fom swan brand Rp.12.000 or about $1
3.Pink leopard legging i bought in childrens outlet Rp.30.000 or about $3 granny vintage bag the same like numb 1
6.Round glasses from 5 foot away store Rp.20.000 or about $2
7. pink nike SB Rp.500.000 or about $50 (oh it's the most expensive things i ever bought

lol this is the best stuff 'tank top'from swan brand,,
this usually wear by chinese old man here
yeah but i dont care as it fit me well

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adit said...

penake dikomen opo yo?